What Is Trending?

Trending is an algorithm that is used by social media platforms to identify popular topics at a given moment. Twitter, for example, has a “Trends” section that lists the most talked about topics on the site. These topics usually reflect significant world events, international sports results and news about celebrities. Trending is especially helpful for businesses because it provides a window into the interests of their audience. A company can use this information to target the types of content that will receive attention and engagement.

The term ‘trending’ is also used in the business world to refer to a general direction into which something is changing or veering. For example, a business might decide to shift its marketing focus from print ads to digital, or to offer shorter-term mortgages. A business can even ‘trend’ by creating a new product or service that catches people’s interest, for example, a smoothie shop in a shopping mall.

In the online world, a company can monitor trends on sites such as Google and Twitter. These websites provide real-time data on what is popular with their audiences, allowing a company to respond to the current mood and interests of consumers. In addition, many social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have their own “Trends” sections that show what topics are getting the most conversation and interest.

When a topic or hashtag is trending, it means that a particular word or phrase is being discussed at a higher volume than usual. This can be caused by a sudden increase in popularity, or it may be a fad or trend that people are just passing along. For example, ‘#FakeBobby’ was a trending topic for several weeks, and it is believed that this was due to a meme about an online spoof of the real-life TV show ‘The Hills’.

If a business wants to take advantage of a trending topic, it is important to be careful not to abuse the process. Abusing a trend can lead to social media site bans. A company should only post content that is relevant to the trending topic, and it should be careful not to add any words or phrases that are unrelated. It’s also important to avoid posting obscene or offensive content, as this will quickly draw ire from viewers.

YouTube has its own Trending tab that shows videos that are being watched on the site, and the position of these videos can change over time. The criteria for what appears in the trending list includes the number of views a video has, how recently it was uploaded and other factors that may be determined by YouTube’s algorithms. The company also reserves the right to exclude videos that are deemed clickbate or sensationalist, or that do not comply with its guidelines and policies. However, the company does not publish its exact algorithm for how it determines what is trending.