What Is Trending?


Trending is a feature that shows users what topics are currently popular on Twitter and other social media sites. Even people who don’t use Twitter are likely to be familiar with the concept of trends, as news and entertainment outlets often refer to trending topics or hashtags in their coverage of current events.

Trends are created by an algorithm and tailored to each user of a particular site, based on their location, what they have previously liked or searched for and who they follow. As a result, it’s possible for certain trends to be manipulated by groups or individuals who agree on strategies to ensure that a topic or hashtag appears in the trending section of a given site. This can be for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

Although trending is usually associated with Twitter, most social media platforms have similar features that show users the subjects that are most popular on their sites. For example, YouTube’s Trending page displays a list of videos that are currently popular among its users. These videos can be related to music, television shows, celebrity gossip and other subjects that are currently popular on the site.

The popularity of a video or other subject that appears on a trends list is measured by the number of times it has been watched, liked and shared. A video or other subject will only appear on the trending list if it meets a certain threshold of engagement, which is determined by the algorithms used by the site to measure popularity.

When something is trending, it’s generally because it’s an issue that people feel passionate about. This can be a political event, an issue of national or local importance or simply a topic that is being widely discussed by Twitter’s user base. Trends can also be influenced by the amount of attention that a subject has received from the news media or other sources, which can cause it to rise or fall in popularity.

While some trends will remain at a particular level for a long time, others will ebb and flow. This is because new trends will be constantly arising, some of which may be short-lived and others that will take hold and become more popular over time.

Businesses can capitalize on trends to promote their products and services. However, they should always make sure that the topics they choose are relevant to their target audience. Posting unrelated content can draw ire from viewers and damage the credibility of a business. It’s also important for businesses to avoid posting misleading information about a trend, as this could lead to legal issues.