What is a Killer Application?


A killer application is a product that helps increase sales and platform adoption. These products can also solve perceived platform shortcomings, increase consumer loyalty, and increase brand value. Many people credit the first-person shooter game series Halo with being a killer application for the Xbox game console. However, the term killer application is also used to describe a product that is better than Halo.

Killer applications can generate substantial profits and margins for many years. However, they don’t always last that long. As a result, product life cycles are generally short. That’s why it’s important to understand and anticipate the long-term impact of these products. In order to make the most of your killer application idea, start thinking about your target’s needs, and make sure you create a killer application that fits that profile.

While serial murder is a relatively rare event in our society, there have been documented cases of killers in other countries, including ancient Egypt and Rome. In the 19th century, Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing conducted the first research on violent sexual offenders. His book Psychopathia Sexualis published in 1886 described many case studies.

While the motive of a killer can vary greatly, some common factors are listed below. Among these reasons are criminal enterprise and financial gain. Crimes committed for financial gain include “black widow” killings, robbery homicides, and multiple homicides committed to commit insurance fraud. Other reasons for a killer’s actions can include power or thrill.

Predisposition to serial killer behavior may be genetic, social, or psychological. The combination of these factors may play an important role in determining the development of a killer’s behavior. Moreover, many serial killers exhibit characteristics consistent with psychopathic personality. As a result, more research is needed to better understand these killers.

Investigation of a serial killer is difficult for law enforcement officers. As the case has a high public profile, law enforcement officers may face pressures from the public, including victims and the media. It is vital for investigators to anticipate these pressures and respond appropriately to both. In addition, full-time staff members assigned to a serial murder investigation can be prohibitively expensive.

A serial killer must be identified and brought to justice before he can be sentenced for his crimes. The challenge of identifying a serial killer is increased when the killer is associated with a group of victims. This is especially true for marginalized populations. The identification of a serial killer is typically based on behavioral and forensic evidence. Additionally, it is difficult to trace the killer if the crimes occurred in multiple jurisdictions.

The development of a killer robot raises many ethical and security issues. As a result, PAX is working to stop this from occurring. The organization first warned about the development of such weapons in 2011 and co-founded the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots in 2013.