How to Identify Trending Products for Your Business

Trending products are those that are in demand now. For example, children’s toys are in high demand during the holidays. You can sell these items on social media sites like YouTube or Instagram. Moreover, you can promote your products through influencers who are in the same niche as yours. In addition, you can publish content about DIY home improvement on TikTok to expand your product line. Another trending product is dog toys. The global market for these toys is $3.7 billion and has experienced a rapid increase in the first half of 2021.

Facebook offers a number of tools to help you keep track of trends. Its trending topics are customized based on users’ locations and social behavior. These topics can be searched and browsed in real time. Moreover, they show recent searches and current curiosities of users. Similarly, Twitter tracks the use of popular hashtags and labels them as trending topics. Other sites also track popular keywords or keyword phrases to help you find content on trend.

Identifying trends can be tricky for investors and financial professionals. However, knowing how to identify trends can be a great benefit to both investors and businesses. For example, an increasing price may be a sign of economic growth, or a rising number of jobs. Similarly, a downtrend is characterized by lower peaks and lower troughs.

Trending products may last for a long time. For example, a collapsible cup or smart water bottle will likely keep trending for a long time. These products can also benefit retailers who target a specific niche. For instance, home goods can be marketed through a niche on social media or Instagram by creating a brand around the category and partnering with micro-influencers.

Another trending product that has a great market potential is the detangler brush. This product helps reduce pressure on the scalp and prevents hair loss. This product started to dominate Instagram feeds in January 2021. It also has a high search volume on Google. This makes it an ideal product for marketers looking to target a millennial audience.

Once you have identified a trending topic, use Twitter’s mobile app to access the most relevant Tweets. You may find a hashtag along with the trending topic, which links directly to it and increases your potential audience. You can then click on the hashtag and perform a Twitter search on the topic. Using Twitter’s search tool, you can choose from top stories, live results, or photos.