How to Use the Word Killer in a Sentence


A killer is a person, thing, or event that ends lives. Its slang definition includes words such as devastating, exhausting, powerful, and severe. A killer can be a murderer or someone who kills by accident. This article explores the many different meanings of the word. Here are some examples of how to use killer in a sentence:

A killer application is a feature of a platform that enables rapid growth in platform sales. The application will typically be the main source of competitive advantage for the company creating it. Apple’s killer application, iTunes, helped it expand into new markets such as music and movies. Other killer applications include WhatsApp, TikTok, and Snapchat. Their value is measured by the number of users, intensity of use, and valuation of the firm behind them.

This malware program works by installing a background service known as Killer Network Service (KNS) on a PC. This service monitors network activity and wireless network traffic. It also sets priority for various services on the computer. Its name makes it difficult to recognize, but it is the name of a legitimate service.