Is Crypto Really a Global Currency?

Despite the controversy surrounding the cryptocurrency, it is still the most popular form of payment on the internet. Originally, the word “crypto” was only known to people living in San Francisco and the tech sector. It is now used all over the world. While it is difficult to prove that crypto is truly a global currency, many believe that it’s not only a safe investment, but also a means to pay for goods and services. Nevertheless, it can be confusing to decide whether or not to use it for your business.


Despite its many benefits, some have doubts about its viability. While cryptocurrencies claim to be anonymous, their digital trails are easy for law enforcement agencies to decipher. In addition, they are widely used by criminals and have been used for illegal purchases and money laundering. One notorious thief, the infamous pirate Dread Pirate Roberts, used crypto as a means to sell drugs and other illicit goods. Hackers have also been attracted to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies.

While cryptocurrency is not directly tied to a country, it is increasingly being accepted by luxury retailers. Bitdials, an online luxury retailer, offers high-end watches in exchange for bitcoins, and there are even car dealers who accept the cryptocurrency as payment. AXA, the largest insurance company in the world, has recently launched a virtual world called Decentraland, where users can buy land, buy avatar clothing, and mingle in a virtual art gallery.

As cryptocurrency is not tied to a country, it is highly versatile. You can travel abroad without having to worry about currency exchange fees. If you’re travelling abroad, you can even use cryptocurrency as a means of payment. In addition to buying and selling, you can also buy land and virtual art, and take part in virtual worlds. If you have a computer with Internet access, you can easily use it to purchase land, sell avatar clothing, and mingle in virtual art galleries.

For some companies, crypto adoption is a complex process. Instead of launching it to the general public, they have decided to pilot it internally before going fully live. The idea behind this is to use a cryptocurrency for internal transactions within the company. Then, the entire company will be using it. A few of these experiments have already taken place. There are also other types of cryptos that are still under development. Some people have claimed that they only want to use them as a form of currency.

Despite the fact that the crypto market is very diverse, it is not, for example, an intellectual one. Most people who use crypto have a liberal, anti-government stance. Others, like tax evaders and political dissidents, view crypto as a way to circumvent government control. A majority of them are concerned about the lack of security and privacy of cryptocurrency. However, this is not the case. These communities are often extremely divided in their views on how to use cryptocurrencies.