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Killer whales are known officially as Orcinus orca, a name which comes from their Scientific name: Orcinus calcarea. These massive killer whales are the largest predatory fish alive today. The average length of a Killer whale’s mouth is about 9 feet, although some have been reported to be much longer. Killer whales can also be identified as blue whales since they are almost completely black. They also have very powerful sonar, or sense of smell, which allows them to hunt and track their prey even in waters where other boats may not be able to detect their tracks.


Killer whales, like other predatory fish, will also consume virtually anything that swims by their watery home, including other fish and even dolphins. In fact, Killer whales have been known to kill more fish in one hunting session than other great white sharks combined. However, it should be noted that Killer whales are not only known for eating other aquatic animals; they are also capable of hunting land animals as well. A common sight on islands in the Southern Pacific are rows of dead bodies of water calves along the beach.

Among the most dangerous and fearsome killer whales in the ocean are the Southern Residents (or K pod) which are known to prey on sharks, snappers, small flounder, and other fish species. These Killer whales, though, rarely leave the water when they hunt. One particular case in point involved two killer whale calves that were found on San Diego’s West Coast. The mothers, approximately one year old at the time, attempted to nurse the babies while in the water. Sadly, neither of the calves survived the experience.

Another set of mammals that could pose a threat to vulnerable Killer whales and other large predatory cetaceans include seals. seals, like Killer whales, play a significant role in marine ecosystems by shielding habitats and food sources from being eaten by other predators. These animals are known to prey upon smaller predatory mammals such as dolphins. Seals, however, have been known to take down larger prey including sharks, which are strong enough to penetrate even the most durable coat of leather on the animals. Smaller animals are often caught by seals while protecting themselves against a killer whale’s bite. When this happens, the seals attempt to push themselves out of the water, only to be taken down by the large predator.

Of course, one of the most feared predators of all Killer whales and seals is the Orca, or killer whale-killing porpoise. These highly intelligent sea creatures have been known to attack seals and fishermen who attempt to help protect marine ecosystems by targeting Killer whales and seals. The attacks, which can often result in fatalities, are sometimes carried out in a manner similar to that of a sea lion attacking a seal. Seals, it has been found, are especially scared of the huge predatory marine mammal known as the Orca, which can grow to be over thirty feet long and can move quickly and powerfully.

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