Killer Whales: A Common Enemy For Shipping Enterprises


Killer Whales: A Common Enemy For Shipping Enterprises

Killer whales are often referred to as blue whales, a name which comes from the Scientific name: Orcinus orca. Although they are not considered a threat to humans in their natural habitat, killer whales can still eat anything that come its way, which means that this huge creature can be a hazard for shipping as well. In order to save marine wildlife and protect the ocean’s sustainability, international shipping companies are working round the clock to avoid using killer whales as cargo ships deliver products to different parts of the globe.

Most people know that killer whales live in the cold seas around Alaska and Canada. However, very little is known about these magnificent creatures. Killer whales are among one of the largest predatory fish species, growing up to forty feet long (with a tail). They are known to feed on a variety of fish including herring, sailfish, mahi and halibut. They can also eat small mammals like calves, porpoises, hippos, sharks and other large fish.

There have been reports of two possible types of killer whale. One is the Southern Right Whale which has a population of around 2021 and the other is the Polar Right Whale. The latter is a bigger predator with an annual rate of catch of nearly five million tons. These massive whales are considered a greater danger to shipping vessels than even the largest whale which could weigh hundreds of tons.

Because of their size, these killer whales tend to gather near shipping channels when releasing their cargo. This results in great loss of life especially for fishermen. The whales are known to slam into the ships causing extensive damage not only to the ship but also to its crew. It is said that one out of every three occasions that a boat is hit by a whale has resulted in fatalities.

As mentioned earlier, Southern Right and Polar Right Whales differ in their feeding patterns. The Southern Right whale feeds once a year while the Polar whale feeds only during winter. Scientists believe that this behaviour is a result of the stress that the killer whales go through as they travel around the world. However, this theory remains unproven. No direct relation has been found between whales and shipping accidents.

If you want to know more about killer whales or any other kind of whale then it is best that you should consult a marine biologist who will be able to help you out on identifying the animal and give you a proper advice. It is important that you should always carry out proper research before you start operating a boat so that you don’t end up in a situation that might lead to a loss of life. Once you get proper information about the nature of the marine creature and how it reproduces then you will be in a position to take the appropriate actions in order to avoid any kind of tragedy befalling your shipping vessel.

Using Trends in Social Media – How to Get Your Business Noticed With Social Media


Using Trends in Social Media – How to Get Your Business Noticed With Social Media

What is trending? On Twitter, a keyword, term, or even topic which is being discussed more than the others is deemed to be a trending topic or just a “hot topic”. Hot topics also gain popularity either due to an event which prompts people to discuss a certain topic or just out of sheer curiosity. So what makes a trending topic “trendy”?

To answer this, let us take an example of some Twitter trending topics. When I log in to twitter, I see different colored squares in the navigation panel. The size of each square is proportional to how many people are discussing that topic. Green means that a lot of people are talking about it while red means it’s one of the hot topics of the moment.

There are other tools which display the conversations happening on Twitter as well. On top of the square containing the number of people talking about a trending topic, you will see a line with a number representing the volume of conversation. The longer the line and the thicker it is, the more active the conversation. For instance, if a topic is trending and there is a large amount of discussion, then this trend is pretty active. In order to take advantage of trending topics, you need to find relevant hashtags.

What makes a trending topic trendy? The reason why it is trendy is because there is a possibility for a lot of conversations about it. There could be a big debate on it within a few days or weeks. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve celebrity gossip. Even a single tweet can ignite a firestorm of discussion and get a lot of people talking about it.

So how can you make sure that your social media campaigns are driving the right kind of trending topics? The answer is to start using the most relevant hashtags for your niche. Start looking at your competitors’ hashtags and see what they are doing to drive their conversations and build their community.

Watch out for the wrong trending topic. Just because a trend looks interesting on twitter doesn’t always mean that it is going to catch on in real life. The same goes with using inappropriate keywords for trending. If you are trending for YouTube, make sure that you are actually focusing on YouTube and not some obscure low end blog or social media site.

A Basic Introduction to Investing in Cryptocurrects


A Basic Introduction to Investing in Cryptocurrects

A Cryptocurrency, or Crypto Currency, is a group of binary data that is created to function as a medium of transaction where private coin ownership details are maintained in a public ledger that is cryptographically secured. There are different currencies, and most notably the Euro, the United States Dollar, and the British Pound. The coins that make up these currencies vary greatly in size, weight, purity, and other attributes. They also differ in the way in which they are traded. In most cases, transactions for these currencies happen on online exchanges that are operated by banks or other financial institutions.

Some of the major benefits to investing in cryptosurfers include the fact that it does not rely on a particular economic system to operate. It is based on cryptography and the transfer of ownership is accomplished through the encrypted public ledger. This ledger is made up of several interlinked areas, including encryption technology, mathematics, and software systems. This type of cryptographic ledger is referred to as an atomic form of currency because it is composed of a series of fixed, irreversible, public keys that change over time as the owner of the asset changes.

There are several different types of Cryptocurrencies, including the more traditional ones such as the US Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, and the Swiss Franc. There are also newer currencies that have recently been introduced onto the market, including the Australian Dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Singapore dollar. While all of these currencies share some things in common, each one also has its own unique qualities that set it apart from the rest.

One characteristic that all of these currencies share is the ability to trade without a central government or even with only one governing body. Transactions are completed through the use of what are called block transactions, which are mathematically guaranteed and carry no risk of a double-spending of the same key. The major benefit of using Cryptocurrencies as payment channels is that there are no restrictions on how these key or assets may be used once they have been purchased. This feature is referred to as wide-streaming, and allows for a greater degree of anonymity for buyers and sellers.

Another aspect of the cryptocoin that sets it apart from other forms of cryptography is its use of a deflation system. Unlike certain other currencies, which are based on inflation, Cryptocurrects do not go into surplus. In fact, as their value increases, so does the amount of supply, which prevents the value of the Cryptocurrency from ever decreasing. This helps to ensure that there is always a consistent supply of Cryptocurrencies, which gives buyers a wider range of options when choosing which currency to purchase in the future.

Because of its ability to be traded independently by users, and its low costs relative to the other popular Cryptocurrencies, there is little reason why anyone should not choose to invest in some of the lesser known but potentially lucrative Cryptocurrencies. Investing in Cryptocurrects such as bitcoins and Litecoins allow users to obtain a form of investment that has significant leverage, without having to hold the actual currency. This makes it easier for people to buy in at a low price, and then sell for a profit when their investment grows. While this process may seem time consuming, it is easy to implement if you know where to look. There are many sources online that offer information on which are the best places to start your research for the best Cryptocurrencies to purchase.

Killer Games – What is Killer App?


Killer Games – What is Killer App?

We all want to know what it is that makes killer quotes so special? Well, I believe it has something to do with words. The type of words we use has a lot to do with the way we feel. Most of the time words are chosen out of context and the effect they have on us is immediate. It can be horrifying, but sometimes it’s easier to just let it happen.

Killer Quotes examples of killer quotes are words like “kill me now,” “I’ll die with you,” or “You’ll see me die with my smile.” Heart attack is no longer a killer statistic. Maybe it was when people used to say things like, “I wish every boy could be a killer.” But that is no more a killer stat. Now, with the increase of killer applications like the Apple killer app and Google Now, killer app’s have taken over our thoughts and our moods.

Now we turn to our favorite video game consoles to find out what our next steps should be. A great example of a killer application is the Kill Switch. What if a child or an adult is being threatened or bullying at school? Or in the middle of class a bully is attacking a student? With the Kill Switch, one press of the red button will switch it to silent mode so that the child or adult will not hear the attacker.

Would we trust this killer app enough to use it every day? We have to ask ourselves that question. Is it really that much better than pressing a few buttons on our controllers? Most developers have given good reviews and claim this software is really a nice addition to any household. Even the nintendo Wii gamers seem to be having fun using it. But what about for those who are against video games and everything they stand for?

Perhaps a better example is Rock Band, which uses some of the same technology of Kill Switch. The features are the same, but it is a game designed to kill you instead of letting you enjoy some fun. The movie directed by Wes Ball was amazing and I am sure many people would be happy to kill anyone that came to their home. In the movie it is called Dead Man Walking, which is about a serial killer that roams around a city, killing mostly young women.

So now that we know that games can kill us, what do we do about it? Well, we can try to block out the screens and keep our kids from playing them as much as they might like to. That might work for a while but will surely not prevent these games from getting a lot of exposure. It seems like everyone these days is into some form of entertainment, whether it be video games, internet surfing, watching television, listening to rock music or even playing some sort of handheld device.

Using Trending Topics in Your SEO/Social Media Content Marketing


Using Trending Topics in Your SEO/Social Media Content Marketing

Trending has become a part of the lingo on the professional speaking front. When you see a candidate for a job being interviewed by the Human Resources personnel in your office, do you often ask, “He or she is trending down? “, or “He or she is rising up the corporate ladder? “, or ” Recently have they been promoted or demoted?”. I bet most people do.

The word trending comes from the verb trending down and the adjective trending which means a general feeling of direction or manner. In the world of business, trends can often make the difference between success and failure. Trends in entertainment, news, and social media are often used to determine what movies will be box-office hits and what niche marketing strategies will be successful. There are many brands that advertise in the top trending topics of the day. This gives these companies an edge in their marketing strategies. Nowadays there are Trending Topics on just about every topic on earth.

YouTube: The viral video site YouTube has had its roots in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It has capitalized on its video capabilities to become one of the most visited sites on the internet. As such, YouTube has created tools to help track, analyze, and promote trending videos. You can use the keyword tool at YouTube to search for popular video keywords.

Twitter: Twitter originated as a social networking site for college students. Now, with over 500 million users, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to share information across the globe. Many brands are starting to use Twitter to promote their brands. Google Trends also shows you the hottest and most talked about keywords on twitter.

Facebook: The social media giant Facebook has recently created tools to allow users to find and interact on the next viral sensation. The cool thing about trending topics on Facebook is that they spread so quickly. Unlike a traditional website, users can “like” a post and spread the news to their friends. Brands can create fan pages on Facebook to keep their fans up to date on the latest trends. For example, if a major brand like Burger King created a fan page on facebook, it would soon become viral.

Trending topics on your business website or blog need to be monitored to ensure that they remain fresh and consistent. The best tool for monitoring trends is called the keyword tool pro. This keyword tool will help you discover the hottest and most talked about keywords in any topic. This will give you valuable insight into how to market your products and services. It will show you how to target keywords that have the highest monthly search volume. If you use the keyword tool pro correctly, it could make or break your online presence.

An Overview of Cryptocurrencies

A Cryptocurrency, cryptosystem, or cryptocoin is a group of binary data that is developed to function as a standard medium of transaction where in specific coin ownership records may be kept on a public ledger that is accessible by the general public. This means that any two particular addresses could have the same value. The word Cryptocurrency derives from the term cryptography, which refers to the art of concealing information and performing various secret communications. In the field of economics, the word Cryptocurrency has been given to the monetary units that are not backed by physical assets. With the advent of digital money and more Internet based activities, the role of Cryptocurrency is expanding.


There are a number of different types of Cryptocurrency. Among these include colored coins, edibles, smart contracts, decentralized networks, blockchains, ledger systems, open source software, pearls, ring signatures, pagers, Pseudo currencies, and real coins (real money). There are also a number of individuals and organizations who work towards ensuring that different currencies and monetary units have similar characteristics, standards, and value.

A number of diverse characteristics make the working of the typical Cryptocurrency quite diverse. For instance, there are two distinct methods for getting stake in Cryptocurrencies. Stake based Cryptocurrences are those which entail an underlying asset or account that is converted into stake depending on the performance of that underlying asset or account. One of the most important characteristics of this type of Cryptocurrency is that it usually requires a large investment. On the other hand, proof based Cryptocurrences, such as the Verta ledger, use a proof system whereby there is built in proof that the value of the underlying asset is being held in staking blocks. The proof system is used to provide a safeguard for the users of the Cryptocurrency.

With both types of Crypto, it is very necessary for users to verify transactions using their own Cryptocurrency. The key to doing this is usually to build on the inherent staking mechanisms of the underlying asset, and/or to ensure that they are being held in sufficient quantities. If the value of the underlying asset changes, then users must also be able to easily change their staking mechanism so that their account does not suffer a loss as a result.

Many different types of Cryptocurrency systems exist today. Most of these are either state funded, semi-state, or partly state funded. Some of the more popular ones are the major currencies that exist in countries such as the US dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen, and the Eurodollar. There are also several alt coins that are based on certain underlying fiat currencies.

The biggest weakness of the average user when it comes to investing in the altcoin marketplace is due to the fact that there is no physical product or item that is actually produced or created in the blockchains. Thus, it is extremely important that any company that is involved in this process has an actual asset that is backed up by a significant amount of value. This is typically done through what is called a Proof of Asset, which essentially serves as verification that the asset in question is real and not simply an account number, private key, or address. There are several ways in which a company can back up its cryptosystem, and some of the most common include proofs of deposits, cold storage, offline paper wallets, online cloud storage and offline paper backups.

Killer Whales and Killer Dolphins in the Pacific Northwest

Heart Disease is becoming a big killer in many developed countries. Even so, chickenpox isn’t a killer anymore. So now that AIDS and many other infections have been over treated, it’s not surprising that heart disease isn’t being as deadly as it used to be. Still, it is the largest killer of women in many countries.


In the Pacific Northwest there are few large animal populations with large prey populations. The killer whales in the eastern north pacific are at risk. As their numbers drop off due to depletion, they will be eaten by the other smaller prey species. It’s the perfect food chain control. It’s why the east and western north pacific have different predatory animals in their marine parks.

The other reason for this predator-prey relationship in the Pacific Northwest, is that the eastern and west coast states have high populations of green sea Killer Whales and Pilot Whales. As their numbers grow in the range of prey animals, they will drive the smaller prey animals from the diet. This means less for the killer whales and less for the smaller marine species. It also means less for humans.

The orcas will also likely be pushed to the brink because their numbers have been growing, while the killer whales and pilot whales’ populations have been decreasing. In this scenario, the orcas will be the ones on the front lines. And yes, they will be the big cats in the food chain. Orcas have been known to target and kill small fish such as herring, sardines, anchovies, souredger etc.

Of course the orcas and killer whales don’t want the other species to get a good meal at the same time. Also it’s a good thing that humans can now watch these killer whales and killer dolphins in the wild. The long absence of human observation has allowed the world to become aware of the great lengths that these animals go through to hunt and feed. There are even reports of them hunting and spearing large mammals like deer and moose. These acts are becoming increasingly common occurrences.

This brings us to another important point. What will the future hold for these different populations? Will the populations of these killer whales and killer dolphins co-exist? Are there areas in the oceans where the two different populations overlap each other? If so, what will happen? We may have to wait and see.

Trending Searches – How Useful Are They?

What is trending? Trending in online marketing is simply using internet tools to gauge how much a certain topic is gaining popularity. Definition: A trending topic is typically a topic which experiences a strong surge in overall popularity on one or a few social networking sites for a period of time. Social media gurus can analyze social trends to determine what is holding consumer attention and then capitalize on this hot topic. If you use Google Trends, for instance, you can see how the interest in the term “fishing” has been steadily increasing over the last year or so.


So how do internet marketers use trending searches to their advantage? The truth is there are many different uses for Google Trends. You can pull up a quick list of the most popular search terms and phrases of the last six months, sorted by country, overall popularity, and topic. For example, if you wanted to target the “make money” niche, you could look at the “make money” Google Trends search and discover that more people were searching for ways to make money than ever before. Now, maybe you aren’t in the “make money” niche (there are literally thousands of niches you can choose from) but maybe you are interested in learning about how to optimize your blog so that you can earn more money online.

Another great thing about searching for “trending topics” online is that you have access to real-time data. When you type in a keyword or phrase into a search engine, the result list typically includes the most popular trends across the board, as well as niche-specific trends within those niches. There are many different sites dedicated to providing users with this information, so you can simply type in whatever topic interests you and see what pops up. Some websites even allow you to cross-reference trending searches with the actual phrases being searched, which can reveal even more valuable information.

In addition to finding popular topics and finding out which topics are most popular, you will also find that most of the best resources for trending searches provide historical data as well. Most of the sites that offer trending searches will allow you to filter by date, meaning that you can see which terms and topics were actually discussed the most in certain time periods. This can help you pinpoint exactly when certain trends began to become popular, allowing you to better understand the ways in which your audience may react to certain events. It can also be helpful in determining whether there are any long-term trends developing.

The best way to find the information you need on trends is to examine the search volume over time. You can also use software tools that allow you to compare search volumes against a given search term or phrase. Sometimes, search terms and phrases will remain relatively flat for several months or years, only for them to suddenly drop in the number of searches over a short period of time. This can indicate a seasonal fluctuation, which you can use to better understand which trends are likely to become popular in the future. If you are looking for general information on trends, you can look at a site such as Yahoo or Google Trends to get a sense of how popular a given search term or phrase is at any given time.

It should be noted that trends are not always caused by users looking for the same thing. Sometimes, a given topic will be trending because of external factors. For instance, if a new celebrity is hitting the scene, that might be related to their video release or news coverage. Even when users are actively searching for trends, some of them do so unintentionally by using search terms or phrases that are irrelevant to their topic. For this reason, it is important to consider all of the ways in which you can determine whether or not a given trend is actually related to the topic or is just a product of the search term itself.

Investing In The Future Of Cryptocurrencies With Shape Shifting Coins


Investing In The Future Of Cryptocurrencies With Shape Shifting Coins

A Cryptocurrency, cryptosystem, or cryptogram is a series of encrypted binary information that is used to operate as a public medium of exchange where only private coin ownership details are kept in a separate ledger that is called a cryptomechanic ledger. The use of the word cryptogram comes from the fact that many cryptograms essentially function the same way in that they encrypt the details of private coin ownership in a way that prevents outside observation. As such, the term cryptogram was coined in reference to the fact that no two cryptograms are alike. There are however differences between the way in which different currencies use cryptograms to operate as well as the way in which different types of coins use cryptograms as a means of storage.

A very popular form of cryptographic currency used today is peer-to-peer lending. This refers to the use of a peer-to-peer lending network that is not controlled by any central authority, acting merely as an information source. This has been very successful as it allows individuals who may have otherwise had difficulty raising the capital needed to purchase their own assets an opportunity to do so via peer to peer lending. The nature of the peer-to-peer lending process means that even if one’s own assets are seized and sold by a creditor, their peer-to-peer lender is able to continue operating as normal, while at the same time facilitating payments to other users of this type of currency who have not yet been issued their own asset.

Fiat currencies, such as the US dollar and the British pound, are susceptible to automation as computers and software can be programmed to accurately read these currencies and produce them as results when these currencies are handled during certain types of transactions. This feature of some fiat currencies makes them vulnerable to automation as computers can be programmed to transact in ways that maximize the likelihood that a particular transaction will be successful. Fiat currencies do not have the property of being infinitely divisible. This feature of a fiat currency also makes them vulnerable to manipulation by governments as certain governments may wish to control the flow of money through their circulation so as to prevent the hoarding of wealth, which in turn may lead to social discontent and financial instability. An alt coin is a decentralized alternative to currencies by its nature, as it is generally controlled by the community that operates the system.

An alt coin is usually created out of concern for the conditions in the country where it is based. For example, during the Global Financial Recession, several currencies were forced to convert to hard assets in order to curb the negative effects of the economic crisis. One of the early cryptosystems to adopt this concept was Cryptsy, which was quickly embraced by several traders as an effective way to hedge against the possibility that the economy might contract further. As a result, more traders are migrating towards alt coins as they believe that they offer a better return.

Investing in the future of cryptography is an interesting but complex matter. There are several cryptosystems currently active, and a large number of individuals and businesses are eager to tap into their benefits. However, one of the largest obstacles faced by investors is making the correct decision when investing in a particular cryptotechnology. This is because not all cryptosystems will provide equal returns. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have chosen the best available opportunity.

The most popular and successful form of alt coinage at the moment is Shape Shifting Coins, which has received much attention as the leading smartphone and internet wallet to support this concept. Shape Shifting is designed to “shuffle” money on the Shape Shifting Platform, in order to create new investment opportunities in real time. Several cryptosystems are already integrating Shape Shifting Coins with their own coins in order to make the experience more seamless, while also benefiting from the increased liquidity provided by Shape Shifting. This form of coin distribution is currently the most promising opportunity available for a trader to begin trading in the future of cryptocurrencies. With the right decisions and prudent investments, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to achieve similar success.

The Future of Killer Apps and Smartphones


The Future of Killer Apps and Smartphones

Examples are software applications, such as word processors, web browsers, Excel programs, spreadsheet applications, video players and music players. The word “killer app” has been coined to describe applications which would dramatically change the way people interact with their computers. They have been heralded by some techies as the next big thing in computing and their introduction has prompted an avalanche of software companies vying for a share in this profitable market.

Apple has launched the App Store in an effort to take advantage of this growing market. Google has taken a different approach by planning to enter the game by creating a new platform called Android. In many ways, both these companies are destined to succeed. However, the emergence of a dedicated game console like the PS3 has surprised everyone. Will the arrival of the killer application be a major turning point for the mobile industry?

The arrival of the first ever high-end game console is definitely a landmark for the industry. It marks the beginning of something very special. It also serves as a wakeup call to the developers and smartphone manufacturers to come up with killer applications for their platforms. What does the future hold in store for the Wii’s killer app? Has the dream of owning your own “Wii” turned into a nightmare?

There are two distinct possibilities. Either Sony or Nintendo will emerge as the winners when it comes to creating killer apps for their respective platforms. Although it is too early to make a call, one thing is clear. Both companies will continue to work hard to push the boundaries of the mobile entertainment world.

On the other hand, it is entirely possible that neither company will emerge as victors. This is because both companies are at the forefront of smartphone technology. For example, Sony’s Play Station has always had a strong presence on the mobile platform and this is a major reason why the company’s games and applications are being made available through the App Store. However, with the introduction of the Nintendo Wii, the company’s games may not remain confined to the console’s unique environment any longer.

In the end, it all boils down to which company has the greater vision for the future of the mobile industry. With Nintendo’s recent announcement of a new hybrid phone/game console, it appears that the company is gearing towards the second wave of killer apps. If this is the case, then the competition between the two companies is just about decided. One would only have to look at the way in which super mario become so popular to see why Nintendo is the company to beat when it comes to smartphone gaming. The emergence of super mario as a killer app could be the real breakthrough that we have been waiting for. Will they beat Nintendo?