The Killer App – Flex Your Skookum Vocabulary With This Killer Word Quiz


The killer app is a piece of software that drives revenue and growth for a business. It is akin to the “flagship product” of traditional industries. The term is also used figuratively to describe any kind of application that blows away competitors.

Flex Your Skookum Vocabulary With This Killer Word Quiz

The word killer has numerous definitions, but it is generally considered to refer to a criminal who murders people in a systematic manner. Serial killers are a significant threat to society and a focus of police investigations.

Some scholars have attempted to define serial killings in order to provide law enforcement with a concrete investigative tool. One of the most significant points of discussion has been the number of victims needed to qualify as a serial killer. It was agreed upon that a minimum of three or more murders was necessary to establish the criteria. Other aspects of serial murder that were discussed include the number of different victims and whether or not motivation played a role.

A serial killer is a person who commits multiple murders and targets the same types of individuals. While the number of victims may vary, most serial killers have similar traits including an insatiable appetite for violence and an inability to control their urges. Serial killers are a major concern for law enforcement agencies because they are often difficult to identify and capture. The nature of their crimes are also extremely disturbing to the public.

Most serial killers have a history of mental illness or other behavioral issues that contribute to their behavior. In some cases, serial killers have been able to control their urges by using drugs or alcohol, engaging in psychotherapy or participating in social activities. Other serial killers have claimed to be driven by demons. One of the most famous examples is David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam, who killed a total of 13 people. He attributed his behavior to voices that he heard in his head.

Law enforcement officials investigate serial killers with a team approach that involves multiple agencies. Once a pattern of killings is identified, the local law enforcement agency will work with federal authorities to coordinate their efforts. When the investigation is in a regional area, investigators will also seek out information from other jurisdictions where similar patterns of killing have occurred. The investigation of a serial killer is an intense, complex process. If it is successful, it can lead to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. In addition to catching criminals, serial killer profiling can be useful in preventing future crimes by understanding the motivation of the offender. Ultimately, the goal of any crimefighting effort is to save lives.