Susie Q And Kill Switching – What Are The Odds?

When Angelina Jolie first came out in the public eye wearing one of the many sexy high tops, she was considered a “killer,” a “bottom” or a “tramp.” It all became so out of place that even her co-workers and loved ones did not appreciate her choices. Recently, Angelina has decided to make a difference and reclaim her right to being a killer. This past week, Angelina was featured on an episode of television’s “Doomsday Prequels” where she had some very interesting responses to questions about her weight, her health and even her infamous shoe choice. Here is what we have learned from this interview.


When discussing her role as “The Professional Wrestler,” Angelina talked about being a “killer” in the ring, but not necessarily in the movie starring Brad Pitt. She referred to herself as a “killer with a heart of gold.” She even wore a killer pink dress to the movie’s premiere. Clearly, heart is the primary killer of women in some parts of the world.

In the interview, Angelina Jolie was asked if she had ever thought about playing a serial killer? Her answer surprised many people, as it did most of the audience. She confirmed that she has, but she only thinks of the character of a serial killer in the context of being a killer in the entertainment industry. She further explained that she is happy with her decision and feels that people relate to her as a survivor more than as a killer. She explained, “My husband, my kids and I are survivors. You have to take that into consideration when you are doing a movie, otherwise, it’s not going to work.”

When discussing her role as a mother and actress, Angelina was asked about a possible game console tie-in. She indicated that there may be a Nintendo tie-in in the coming releases of both her new movies “The Wolf Of The Winter and” the “New Girl” film starring Jennifer Garner and “ilerfer.” There is also expected to be a Nintendo tie-in to her second film “A Dangerous Life,” which is due out in the summer. However, she did not confirm whether or not the two projects will be linked through the Nintendo Wii.

There is also speculation as to whether or not there will be any connection between the latest video game platformer, called Killer Instinct and the new animated series starring Angelina Jolie as the game’s mother. This new show, “The New Girl,” will be based on the book, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Some have speculated that the book’s character, greedily rich investor-turned-bankruptcy lawyer, Marlise Chanel may appear in the second season of the show. However, this has yet to be confirmed. The first season of the show focused on establishing what is happening in the life of Chanel before she took on the role of a mother and murder victim in the book.

Since there have been a number of video games based on the works of Susie Q, it would make sense that a video game based on her life story might follow. Other possible future “killer applications” include a murder mystery game or even one about a virtual assistant. There are also rumors that Microsoft is working on a Xbox title with the same name as the popular Kill Switching method game. This project is said to be in the very early stages.