Killer Games – What is Killer App?


Killer Games – What is Killer App?

We all want to know what it is that makes killer quotes so special? Well, I believe it has something to do with words. The type of words we use has a lot to do with the way we feel. Most of the time words are chosen out of context and the effect they have on us is immediate. It can be horrifying, but sometimes it’s easier to just let it happen.

Killer Quotes examples of killer quotes are words like “kill me now,” “I’ll die with you,” or “You’ll see me die with my smile.” Heart attack is no longer a killer statistic. Maybe it was when people used to say things like, “I wish every boy could be a killer.” But that is no more a killer stat. Now, with the increase of killer applications like the Apple killer app and Google Now, killer app’s have taken over our thoughts and our moods.

Now we turn to our favorite video game consoles to find out what our next steps should be. A great example of a killer application is the Kill Switch. What if a child or an adult is being threatened or bullying at school? Or in the middle of class a bully is attacking a student? With the Kill Switch, one press of the red button will switch it to silent mode so that the child or adult will not hear the attacker.

Would we trust this killer app enough to use it every day? We have to ask ourselves that question. Is it really that much better than pressing a few buttons on our controllers? Most developers have given good reviews and claim this software is really a nice addition to any household. Even the nintendo Wii gamers seem to be having fun using it. But what about for those who are against video games and everything they stand for?

Perhaps a better example is Rock Band, which uses some of the same technology of Kill Switch. The features are the same, but it is a game designed to kill you instead of letting you enjoy some fun. The movie directed by Wes Ball was amazing and I am sure many people would be happy to kill anyone that came to their home. In the movie it is called Dead Man Walking, which is about a serial killer that roams around a city, killing mostly young women.

So now that we know that games can kill us, what do we do about it? Well, we can try to block out the screens and keep our kids from playing them as much as they might like to. That might work for a while but will surely not prevent these games from getting a lot of exposure. It seems like everyone these days is into some form of entertainment, whether it be video games, internet surfing, watching television, listening to rock music or even playing some sort of handheld device.