Using Trending Topics in Your SEO/Social Media Content Marketing


Using Trending Topics in Your SEO/Social Media Content Marketing

Trending has become a part of the lingo on the professional speaking front. When you see a candidate for a job being interviewed by the Human Resources personnel in your office, do you often ask, “He or she is trending down? “, or “He or she is rising up the corporate ladder? “, or ” Recently have they been promoted or demoted?”. I bet most people do.

The word trending comes from the verb trending down and the adjective trending which means a general feeling of direction or manner. In the world of business, trends can often make the difference between success and failure. Trends in entertainment, news, and social media are often used to determine what movies will be box-office hits and what niche marketing strategies will be successful. There are many brands that advertise in the top trending topics of the day. This gives these companies an edge in their marketing strategies. Nowadays there are Trending Topics on just about every topic on earth.

YouTube: The viral video site YouTube has had its roots in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It has capitalized on its video capabilities to become one of the most visited sites on the internet. As such, YouTube has created tools to help track, analyze, and promote trending videos. You can use the keyword tool at YouTube to search for popular video keywords.

Twitter: Twitter originated as a social networking site for college students. Now, with over 500 million users, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to share information across the globe. Many brands are starting to use Twitter to promote their brands. Google Trends also shows you the hottest and most talked about keywords on twitter.

Facebook: The social media giant Facebook has recently created tools to allow users to find and interact on the next viral sensation. The cool thing about trending topics on Facebook is that they spread so quickly. Unlike a traditional website, users can “like” a post and spread the news to their friends. Brands can create fan pages on Facebook to keep their fans up to date on the latest trends. For example, if a major brand like Burger King created a fan page on facebook, it would soon become viral.

Trending topics on your business website or blog need to be monitored to ensure that they remain fresh and consistent. The best tool for monitoring trends is called the keyword tool pro. This keyword tool will help you discover the hottest and most talked about keywords in any topic. This will give you valuable insight into how to market your products and services. It will show you how to target keywords that have the highest monthly search volume. If you use the keyword tool pro correctly, it could make or break your online presence.