Review of Killer Bee’s Kitchen & Bar


Review of Killer Bee’s Kitchen & Bar

Have you ever eaten at one of the newer, more hip yet no-nonsense restaurants that put the focus on quality and good taste, namely: Killer Bee’s Kitchen & Bar in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California? If so, then you know that a meal there can make or break your evening. I mean, how can you have a bad meal, especially one as fun and tasty as one at Killer Bee’s? A meal there can take your breath away. Here’s a quick review of this favorite restaurant from one professional taster:

There are several things to love about Killer Bee’s Kitchen & Bar in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The decor is straight out of a superhero comic book universe, with bright orange walls and ceilings, leather booths and tables, and lots of neon lighting. Have you ever eaten at a place where the wallpaper is all shades of green or blue? Then Killer Bee’s will really give you a work of muscle-building greenscreen art. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Killer Bee’s actually serves killer burgers? Yes, a killer application of fresh pressed vegetables between tastefully arranged slices of grilled beef served on top of our very own custom made rock band rockers.

The food is the star here though, not the rock band rockers. The restaurant itself is a great mix of Asian, Southwestern, and Mediterranean touches with a little bit of black bean and lime pie thrown in for good measure. The restaurant itself serves a variety of different dishes and a killer happy hour is kept constantly busy with live music playing from the bands overhead speakers and the bartender making cold drinks and other libations for your enjoyment. In fact, Killer Bee’s also happens to be a very legit comedy club, which may not surprise you when you see the killer application of some of the less “cheesy” offerings.

From my experience, the Killer Bee’s kitchen is one of the friendliest places to work in terms of environment and friendly employees. It’s more than just a working environment though; it’s more of an overall atmosphere where people come and enjoy themselves, instead of just working. The environment is set up as such, with booths, countertops, tables, and several levels for people to move up and down. You’ll also notice that the counter portion of the restaurant has several high quality restaurants on the immediate area, which helps keep the overall vibe of the entire restaurant positive.

Some of my favorite things about the Killer Bee’s menu include the varied varieties of meat that can be found on the menu such as: lamb, buffalo, beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. If you’ve never had this type of cuisine before, it can be kind of intimidating at first but with some recommendations and tasting, you’ll find that the spices used really do add a nice kick to the taste. There are also several dishes that are vegetarian-friendly, such as the popular tofu roll and some delicious and unique Greek salad. Don’t forget about the killer bee’s signature desert; I’d recommend the chocolate eclairs!

In the end, even though the portions are small, ordering in alone will usually get you a large portion of one of these amazing restaurants’ delicious entrees. This is one place that I definitely recommend if you’re in the mood for some good Chinese food or any other Asian type dish. However, if you’re not, don’t worry because you can always check out the local diner that’s a few blocks away. The meal there should be just as good as the one in the restaurant! I was very impressed by all of the food that I had the chance to try at Killer Bee and I know that I am going to be a repeat customer when I’m in the area again.