How To Track The Hottest trending Topics


How To Track The Hottest trending Topics

Trending in the context of the web is a term used to describe the evolution of a website over time. The word trending may be compared to the English language’s verb “to trend” which means to change in style or accept. The keyword itself can be used as a verb, meaning to go or set in motion. In the context of the web, the word trend is used to describe a general feel of direction, or direction in which something or someone is moving.

In SEO or Search Engine Optimization, the definition of Trending may be likened to the evolution of any web topic. Over time certain topics tend to gain momentum and move ahead of their competing topics in the Search Engines’ search results pages. Over time the Search Results Pages can become saturated with content of interest to a particular market segment. In order to remain in the Search Results Pages, marketers must continually update and revise their websites to continue pushing these key topics.

When a Search Engine’s spider or crawler examines a website it will examine the content on that site in an effort to gather relevant information. If a website has lots of relevant content that links to and from other sites then it is likely the site is a likely candidate for having its own trending search term. For example, if the topics related to dogs, golf and NASCAR are all popular keywords then it is more than likely that a site concerning dogs would have a higher trending searches peak than a site relating to golf or NASCAR. Trending searches are a good measure of how a particular site is perceived by search engines, and they provide marketers with a tool to understand what people are searching for online.

Marketers may also want to see if there is a relationship between trending searches and search engine rankings. Sometimes a higher ranking in one area can mean that a website is performing better than its competitors. Conversely, sometimes a lower ranking in one area may mean that a site is performing worse than competitors. A business owner may want to closely monitor its rankings to determine if its position changes may have an impact on overall profitability.

As well as monitoring trending topics and viewing search results, marketers should also be tracking other key performance indicators. It is important to see what type of conversion is occurring on the websites they are marketing. This includes such things as click through rates and conversion to sales conversions. Again, trends can reveal much about a marketer’s ability to convert leads into sales, but it is important that a business owner keep an eye on conversion statistics to ensure that their marketing strategy is producing the type of results they were expecting.

There are a number of ways that a business owner can monitor their trending topics. Most people use their personal Twitter account to post short updates, and some even use the popular hashtag as a way to track conversations going on about their products. Other businesses may use specialized trending topics trackers, such as those offered by Search Engine Land. Regardless of which methods a business uses, it is essential that they keep track of the discussions taking place around their niche.