Importance of Tracking Your Trending Topics

What is Trending? Trending in internet marketing basically means updating your content regularly with fresh information. The word trending is linked to the verb to trend and the verb trending meaning that means a general trend or direction. There are many examples of trending in marketing such as in Facebook or Google. Now other media, news and television shows incorporate trending topics, which are also popular.


A way to search for trends is using Google’s Search Engine. Search Engine’s Trending tool is particularly beneficial when you want to identify recent changes in a business or personal web topic. You can enter a search term on the Search Engine’s Toolbar and Trending will provide you with a list of recent changes worldwide. You can view the countries or regions where the trend is spreading the most.

Some of the more popular search terms for tracking trends include: trending terms, trending news, latest trends and volume, global search trends, international search trends and US trends. In order to identify a trend, you need to understand how search engines determine a search term’s popularity. Google’s Search Engine determines the popularity of a search term by calculating the ratio between its daily search volume and its time on Google. This means that the more times a keyword appears on a Google search result page, the more popular it is.

Trending can also be determined by using other methods, such as Google’s paid advertising tool called AdWords. AdWords works by monitoring the search volume over a given period of time and assigning a price to each keyword. At a price of ten cents per day, Google will assign a certain keyword a ten-cent raise. This gives a business owner a good insight into what their target market is looking for. The best way to get a good idea of search trends is through third-party websites and software programs such as Google Trends or Yahoo Trends.

The importance of tracking trending keywords and content marketing efforts can’t be underestimated. A major factor in your online SEO strategy is to identify and act upon those trends. As you develop your overall SEO strategy, make sure you keep track of any changes to search terms and content. If you aren’t already implementing content marketing with your web presence, it’s time to start. There are many great opportunities available through content marketing in the form of blog posts, online video and social networking.

The most important part of getting in on the trend of the moment is making sure that your SEO strategy includes creating content that is based on current trends and leveraging trends to drive visitors to your website. It’s important that you stay on top of the trend to make sure that you rank well when customers do an online search. Just like with anything else, staying on top of the game requires time, effort and dedication. In the end, the rewards of a solid SEO strategy go beyond driving more traffic to your website.