OPSM World Square Sydney

Positioning itself as a premium store providing personalised eyewear and eye care services, the OPSM World Square store features the company’s new retail design. The World Square store is decked out in a natural wood palette and feels welcoming and not clinical like many other optometrists.

When I sat down the multi-lingual staff at OPSM World Square offered to have an optometrist run through a number of eye care tests with me. As someone who doesn’t remember the last time he saw an optometrist, I was worried about the tests, but it turns out I needn’t worry as they were quick and painless.

One particular piece of testing equipment the optometrist used – which is exclusive to OPSM – is the Optos Daytona Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan which provides a 200˚ view of the eyeball, meaning it captured an image of 80% of my retina. This means the machine was able to check the delicate lining at the back of my eye to see if there are tears or damage, as this may affect my vision. The scan also helped identify any blood vessel abnormalities that could indicate early signs of disease. Within five minutes, the scan results showed my retinas were healthy, although I was told to reduce wearing contact lenses so my eyeballs could breathe (who knew?).

Aside from the impressive technology and the range of eye care services, what I found interesting was that the OPSM World Square store stock what they call ‘Asian fit optical frames’ – basically frames which cater to Asian features. As someone who has had trouble finding frames in Sydney which properly sit on my nose, I appreciate OPSM has identified a solution to market demands (Capitalism at its best y’all).

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