Killer Wii Apps

What does it take to be a killer? In the world of online business, nothing beats a killer website. The phrase may sound arrogant or show a lack of knowledge, but the fact remains that without a killer website you have no chance of making it in the online business world. Killer websites are so much more than a way to attract traffic; they are an integral part of the process of converting traffic into profits and ultimately into customers.


The definition of a killer app has changed over the years. Originally, in online business marketing terminology, the term was used to define an advanced software application that was so useful or desired that it became the heart and soul of any larger piece of software, including a computer program, video game system, music software, or a programming language. Today however, the term killer application has been replaced with the much more precise term killer web application. The reason the term “killer” was phased out is because it was often difficult for website developers to distinguish their own applications from “killers” – and by extension, difficult for them to persuade potential customers that their particular applications were worthy of being bought and being used.

Today though, there is a new term in town: killer apps. These are the applications that are so great, so beneficial, and which end up sweeping the industry clean. They are the type of killer applications that every web marketer should be trying to create and market. In the past, many website developers were content to simply create and market standard web applications. Today though, killer applications are the wave of the future, and every serious online entrepreneur should be working towards securing the future of his business by creating and selling the best of these programs.

Let’s take a look at what some of these killer applications have to offer. For example, there is the killer app for gamers. With the Nintendo Wii and all its fun games and accessories, it is easy to see why so many people are buying a Nintendo Wii. However, is a Nintendo Wii worth the price? This is the question that you may be asking if you are interested in getting a killer app for your Nintendo Wii.

Another killer program is the rock band applications for your Nintendo Wii. Did you know that the Wii allows you to play popular music videos as you enjoy your Wii? This feature is available on the Nintendo Wii and while it is incredibly convenient, it can be pretty much useless if you are not a professional wrestling fan. That is where professional wrestling video games come into play. Many professional wrestling games come with their very own killer application that allows you to become an expert wrestling trainer! There are even some that allow you to become a professional wrestler yourself and practice your moves in the ring with other real-life wrestlers!

Finally, if you like playing video games, then you will love playing super Mario on the Nintendo Wii. Super Mario makes it easy to play video games while having fun and relaxing at the same time. Now you can play Super Mario in your own home, in front of the television or even while working out. There are tons of killer applications for your Nintendo Wii that will keep you coming back for more. So make sure you download your free Nintendo Wii killer apps today!