How to Track and Find Trending Searches


How to Track and Find Trending Searches

Trending has always been a part of marketing. You have to track the market and keep abreast of it. The word trending comes from the word trend and the verb trend, meaning direction.

Trending in Internet Marketing, of course, pertains to how certain terms are moving up in searches while others are falling down. You can also see trends in the web search term itself. One example of this is when people type certain words in the search term google, do you get results that include those words? Or are you more likely to see results with those specific words? Trends will continue to move in one way or another.

The way you can use this knowledge to your advantage in Internet Marketing is to look at your own business to see if there are certain words that are trending. For instance, are you seeing a drop in sales over Christmas? If so, you might want to see if there are any other words that could help to explain it. One thing you can look at is how the search volume of the product is trending. This is one of the easiest ways you can find out what is trending in the search term or niche you are working in.

In the Google Trends search, you will see a column on the right hand side that shows you all of the top trending topics of the past year, month, day, and hour. Hover your mouse over any word or phrase, and you will see information such as “related to: technology,” “web searches about: technology,” “gadgets and tech: trends,” and so on. You will also find links to any articles associated with the topic as well as graphs that show the growth of the search volume over time period. If you notice a steady growth over a given time period, then you may be on to something.

You can use the graphs to see if the subject you are researching has been trending over time. If there is a trend for a given topic over a given time period, but that doesn’t mean anything to you, look at the phrase itself. If it hasn’t been trending for a while now, perhaps it will. There are times when the trends of a search term or niche will change dramatically, especially when new products or services get released.

Of course, you also have to be sure you are looking at the correct search term or niche. If you search for a keyword like dog collars, and you find out that it is really dog fur, you should assume that people are talking about dog fur collars. Because trends in search volume do not always follow search trends, you have to be certain that you are looking at the correct search term or niche. This can save you tons of time sorting through unrelated trends if you happen to find the right terms.