Understanding the Killer Instinct – And What it Involves


Understanding the Killer Instinct – And What it Involves

Killer. There are words that best sums up the definition of a killer. Some people have actually tried to define a killer based on this word and come up with an entirely different definition. They kill just to survive, to get what they want.

In film, literature and television, the killer is defined as a cold-blooded killer that deliberately takes life. They kill other people purposely – to get even or to escape. The serial killer, on the other hand, does not have a reason to take life. Sometimes, they do so out of a sense of revenge, sometimes because they are protecting something they consider dear to them – like their family. They might also be mad at the world, feeling as if the world is out to get them and they must fight back. However, the most common reason behind this type of behavior is fear – specifically of danger or loss of life.

The serial killer that we think of in our minds tends to be a sadistic criminal with abnormally quick reflexes. He is cold-hearted and often cruel. He is calculating, planning ahead of his victims and choosing his victims beforehand. Often, he will choose his victims based on the route that their vehicle will take them – and whether or not that particular vehicle will get them to their destination. In the most extreme cases, the killer will kidnape his victims, lock them in a car trunk and drive them into the darkness to meet his victim.

Sometimes, the killer is motivated by greed. He may have committed crimes out of greed – he may have killed to make money to pay off personal or professional debts. Sometimes, the killer will kill out of anger. This can range from a rage against society to a desire for revenge.

There are many theories on what drives these men. Some suggest that the killers are acting out a sadomasochistic impulse. Others think that they act out of a need for power. Still others believe that they feel a deep, primal need to control the world that they live in. No matter what the reason, the fact remains that these men prey on other people. There are several ways that they go about doing so.

One popular theory on why a killer might commit his crime is to fit inside the victim’s “killer instinct”. Some criminals measure the other person’s reaction to determine if the act was justified. Others take advantage of the victim’s poverty, lack of money, sex appeal or looks. Still others use physical violence. Whatever the method, the bottom line is that a killer has the instinct to do his or her bidding.